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Enhance Cognitive Function

Research suggests that aromatherapy may have cognitive-enhancing effects, potentially improving memory and focus in older individuals, including those with neurodegenerative conditions. Studies indicate its potential for improving cognitive function in patients with Alzheimer's disease (Jimbo et al., 2009) and reducing cognitive decline in senescence-accelerated mouse models (Okuda et al., 2020).

Relive Pain

Aroma therapy shows promise in alleviating chronic pain, common in older adults. Studies demonstrate its effectiveness in reducing postoperative pain (Martile et al.,2020), labor pain (Sudarto & Rahayu, 2021), osteoarthritic knee pain (Pehlivan&Karadakovan,2019) and pain in individuals with dementia (Moyle et al., 2012).

Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Manage emotional challenges faced by many older adults, including anxiety and depression. Studies demonstrate scents positive impact on mood and psychological well-being in patients (Li et al., 2022) and elderly individuals with dementia (Fung et al., 2012).

Improve Sleep!

Appropriate scenting offers a natural solution for sleep disturbances, prevalent in older populations. Lavender and peppermint oils have been shown to significantly improve sleep quality in cancer patients (Martile et al., 2020) and midlife women with insomnia (Chien et al.,2012).

Reduce Risk of Falling

Studies suggest that a positively scented environment may contribute to fall prevention efforts in older adults by improving balance and reducing dizziness (Ebihara et al., 2021).

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All of the above claims are backed by university research. If you will contact us we will gladly share our findings.

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